Cuddle n Care Toddler Carrier Review

Cuddle n Care

Full Buckle Toddler Carrier Review

We were sent this lovely parcel by the sweetest lady Smita from “Cuddle n Care”!

Receiving a parcel is always exciting when the product inside the mail is absolutely new for you to test! You are thrilled even more when the product is unquestionably helpful to make your parenthood journey easy-breezy.

Yes! I am talking about a Baby-Carrier by Cuddle n Care! Nowadays, I am becoming slightly obsessed with this baby (Toddler) wearing stuff!! 😉

I got this full buckle (SSC) toddler carrier to  review from Cuddle n Care(CnC), which can be used from new borns to toddlerhood,
This full buckle Soft Structured Carrier is great for front and back carries, which is fantastic for dads, caregivers and also for the tired moms like me ;). It offers  hands-free way of carrying a toddler/baby with the incentives of unlimited  kisses and cuddles. It keeps baby cozy and happy. Soft structured or full buckled carriers had found their place in my heart for their quick “wearability” and ease of use like a backpack.

Baby carriers are worth a shot if you are a new parent and interested in babywearing for the love of god 😉 and you don’t know how to wear them, this handy and lightweight Full-Buckle SSC baby carrier is superb way to carry your baby around.

 Key Features that Cuddle n Care Claims 

  • Fabric : These carriers are made up of sturdy handwoven raw cotton, Twill.
  • Recommended weight limit: 7 KGs to 20 KGs
  • Designs and Colors : CUDDLENCARE FULL BUCKLE – Parakeet
  • These carriers are made breathable and light to carry.
  • Carry type : Suitable for front and back both.
  • Provides Ergonomic  “M”/”Frogy” position seat
  • Nicely padded shoulder straps makes it more comfortable by evenly distributing the weight over the caregiver’s body.

  • Allows the option of crossing straps at back for longer carrying or people with back issues.
  • It has a padded waistbelt for extra support and comfort
  • The buckles are of excellent quality and sturdy

  • Hood protection from weather, allows discreet nursing and supports the baby’s head while sleeping on the back.
  • Comes with a warranty of 6 months for any manufacturing related issue.
  • Washing Instructions : Wash with a mild baby friendly detergent in a delicate cycle. (Close all buckles before washing.)


Sizing and fit

  • Adjustability : A completely adjustable body (both, length-wise and width-wise)
  •  The carrier size can be adjusted by truely innovative drawstrings, which I have never seen in any other toddler carriers!

  • These ergonomic carriers come with completely adjustable body to make it a perfect fit, till the baby turns a toddler.
  • Because of PFAs (Perfect fit adjusters) it has  plenty of scope to  tighten or loosen the shoulder straps and it is easy for breastfeeding.

  • To keep everything neat,convenient little elastic loops are sewn into the ends of every strap to roll up excessive length and eliminating dangling ends of straps.

My Experience 

That Beautiful ear-to-ear grin on his face makes this cuddly experience certainly worth!

I am using this carrier since a month now. You will find this in my car most of the times. It is good for a quicker expedition, for naps, for shopping,  for a super market visits, for a walk and the list is unending! CnC is like a savior especially when My boy is tired and sleepy. I just have to pack up my CnC carrier in a mom-sized bag and take it with me. I can wear him in this carrier for few hours! Of course, the baby feels cooler in it as the fabric is so light, breathable and natural.

The CnC baby carrier can actually become your best friend in motherhood journey.

Whenever My boy wants me to wear him he says, “Mumma, make me your joey!” (And we become Kangaroo-Joey) and that melts my heart immediately.
I love baby snuggles and cuddles!They are the best!😍 Everyday, I secretly long for endless hugs and kisses from my bub😉
I do wish to squeeze my bub many times🙈🙈🙈(why wouldn’t I?) Afterall kids are so squishy-mushy, tender and cuddly!😍
So, I take all the advantage of my Cuddle n Care carrier these days 😉
I am loving  to live and cherish every laughter, snuggle, kiss, cuddle and the teeny-weeny precious moments with my child everyday!
These delightful babywearing moments of the present are all important for me to create some vivid, unforgettable and heartwarming memories to recollect them tomorrow😊❤❤❤ So, Cuddle n Care carrier is playing a vital role in this mommy-voyage!


  • These carriers are made up of raw-cotton (natural-fibres) So, they are ideal for all climates in India.
  • Easily wearable (like a backpack)
  • It’s an “Ache-free” baby carrier”
  • The soft waistband is absolutely secured once you lock it as it comes with the safety loop near Buckle.
  • Body panel is made from a tripple layer of cotton fabric that makes it very strong and supportive.
  • These carrier are designed to distribute baby weight evenly on the wearer.
  • Shoulder straps have loops to hang toys/pacifier!
  • It is comfortable for baby and a wearer both. I  feel no strain on my back or front (while back and front carry) as the weight is evenly distributed! I can feel the safety while wearing my baby!


  • Does not have detachable hood or pocket to the carrier.
  • I would love to see more prints and colors in CnC baby carriers. So, glamour point of view it needs improvement! (Though safety and comfort wise it is 100% perfect)


Rs.5,500 INR


Yes! It is 100% recommended to all the new moms and toddler moms to buy Cuddle n Care Baby Carrier to make their motherhood journey much easy-going, safe and secured!

About Cuddle n Care

CuddlenCare is one of the oldest babywearing brands in india.

Smita – The lady behind Cuddle n Care is one of the experienced personalities in the indian Babycarrier making community. She has a great knowledge and expertise in Babywearing. She offers a wide range of carriers like Ring Slings, Different Styles Mei Tais, Wraps, SSC Full-Buckle carriers, etc. Cuddle n Care believes that caregivers and babies alike, have different needs and hence she supports them by providing customized solutions. she also try to ensure that, she personally guide every caregiver on what solution would suit their needs and how to make the most of their babywearing journey. This personal touch is indeed a USP of Cuddle n Care.

To know more about Cuddle n Care or if you have any queries, orders, suggestions or reviews you can contact Smita directly here ->
@FB Page :
@You may also follow her on Instagram:
I hope you find this post useful to make your motherhood/parenthood journey amazing, easy and trouble(pain)-free ;)!
Thanks for reading!
P.S. : This Cuddle n Care Baby carrier was sent to me for review.So, all the views expressed here are mine.

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  1. What a fantastic carrier. Love you he print and live the print too.❤️ Anjie asks to be carried so many times too and this would be perfect 💘

  2. karuna chauhan says:

    We love babywearing too. great review!

  3. Perzen Patel says:

    I have a Mei two from cuddle n careamd simply love it. I owe my babywearing success to Smita who was so patient in teaching me how to wear M when he was just 3 months old.

  4. Afsha Galar says:

    Wow that’s quite a detailed review ! Thank you

  5. The pics say it all …he looks so happy and comfortable the print too…

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    I have been looking for something like this and seems this one fits my requirement. Beautifully written review with all the points covered. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. This product is very useful. I wish I would have known of this when my kids were younger.

  8. Aesha shah says:

    Very well written, comprehensive review. Would help moms choose the carrier well.

  9. This is totally an honest review and a detailed one too…Would definitely recommend Cuddlecare for the new mommies

  10. Baby wearing to the rescue every time.Lovely prints indeed

  11. Prisha Lalwani says:

    I love the description and the colour!! Would definitely consider buying this as my next 🙂

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    What a beautiful looking carrier. Lovely review too!

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    Great review Pranita!!!


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    That’s a fantastic carrier. I like this print.

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    Looks like a good fit and the colors are just so fresh!!’ And a very very well written review 🙂

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    wow, I miss the the time when my kiddos were babies!

  17. Such a detailed and comprehensive review. Looks like you two really enjoyed #babywearing.

  18. Shub says:

    I loved this product. Colors are pleasing and the material looks comfy for mom and kid both.

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