Does Your Life Revolve Around Your Children?

 Honest Mothrhood

Motherhood has been an emotional roller-coaster for me.

💆One day I feel contented and blessed while the next day I feel so disappointed and ill-fated.
Actually, this journey has changed my Soul itself!

💆Life is spiralling out of control.
I’m responsible to raise a Tiny-Dynamo whose list of needs is unending which sometimes engulfs my own existance.

💆Somedays, I just long for who I used to be before becoming a mom! Especially when I have to calm down my son after he throws the 4th or 5th tantrum of the day.


💆Many times, I feel so jealous when I see an extraordinarily-energetic mom who comes to drop off her child to the school looking polished! When I have to actually end up throwing myself into my comfy yoga pants and a loose tee with a messy bun on my head!

💆Some days, I just crave for casual social interactions like I used to have with my frinds in my college days, in corporate/business world before becoming a mom.

💆Sometimes, I wish to take a break from house chores and mess created by my son.
But If I do so, my OCD makes me feel dejected, hopeless, sad and defeated in life.

💆Sometimes, I fail to bring that INFINITE AMOUNT of PATIENCE and PLANNING in my inbuilt ROWDY nature which I always try to hide from my child.

💆Some days I don’t feel like adjusting myself to my child’s routine and everything feels so mundane then!

In this motherhood journey,
we can not set goals, measure results or success, get recognition or awards.
The rewards are hidden and we just try to receive a SENSE OF SATISFACTION everyday,
as we get hugs and kisses and “I LOVE YOU” in BONUS and that makes this journey so reasonable!😊

I am a mom, I am full of faults, I have mommy brain. Many times, I just want to QUIT and I think that is absolutely permissible.
At the end I know only one thing, that no one else in the world can love my child as I do!

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