How Motherhood Has Changed Me?


Of all the things I’ll ever do in my lifetime,
Mothering my child will always be my greatest accomplishment.” – Anonymous


My Journey Being a Girl

  • Growing up I never had any dreams about a perfect little house, a perfect family and  a child running around the house. That just wasn’t me! 
  • Although I was a dreamer and a fiercely independent girl with eyes full of dreams! No one existed in my dream except me. I always wanted to achieve many things in my life like – perfect line of work, perfect career and my own perfect identity, etc.
  • A thought of having a child never touched my mind from afar. I never wanted children. Honestly, I never liked babies or kids in my life. I wasn’t at all “maternal-type“girl (Few years back). I always thought that I will be a disaster as a mother.
  • I was pretty sure, I won’t be able to  take care of any other person who will be depending on me for anything!  (Given that I could not even keep a plant alive for longer than a week).

So, I had it all perfectly planned out; but then LIFE HAPPENED!

How Motherhood Changed Me?

After 4 years of cheerful married life,  “having a baby” (task) was still there on our ‘to do’ list.

Somehow we wished to spice up our life and decided to get pregnant in 2013.

I became a mom in 2014 and finally had my very own baby in my arms!

I loved my baby at first sight and after becoming a MOM, it was an entirely new ball game!

I could connect with all the intricate details of my baby. Surprisingly, I was ready to become his shield and had strongest desire to protect and care for this tiny human being. It was some biochemical reaction or hard-wired maternal instinct of female brain/heart that I could only realize after becoming a mom.

All of the things that I had learnt about myself and about my capacity for loving a little human being in my life were absolutely wrong. I don’t know how but my life and heart totally changed in one single  moment.

I still have big dreams in my life. There are still so many things I want to do and accomplish in my life. But it is no longer the first thing on my list as of now. It’s crazy how one little person could change priorities in my life.

Few years back, I was not willing to picture my life with a child in it. Now, I can’t imagine my life without my little dynamo. If you are a mother, you know what I exactly mean.

The Pure joys of Motherhood

  • This small monkey boy has changed my world in the best possible rewarding way.
  • It melts my heart away when he randomly yells out “mama, i love you”.
  • It’s always about the little things. Waking up and seeing my baby’s smile, exchanging hugs and kisses with him and the way he giggle over some silly things makes my day.
  • I love being a mom because I love baby snuggles, the cuddles, the giggles and the grins!They are the best! Everyday, I get indefinite hugs and kisses from my son. I love how our bond is growing with this unconditional love.
  • The trust my son put in me is so strong! He thinks only mama’s kisses can  fix all his problems.
  • I feel happy when my child is happy. I can have the worst day! But everything is alright in my world, when I see my baby’s innocent smiling face.

  •  Love collecting these delightful moments of the present. They are all important for me to create some vivid, unforgettable and heartwarming memories to recollect and cherish them tomorrow😊❤❤❤
    As, I won’t be able to bring back his childhood and my early motherhood journey tomorrow!

“My house is always loud and messy and that’s ok.
Because one day it will be quiet, spotless and lonely.” – Anonymous


  •  Reliving childhood at the age of 31 and observing the little things in life through my son’s eyes is one of the best parts of being a mom.

  • I love to slow down, stop and experience the every possible emotion, reliving childhood moments and soak in the world through my Little one’s eyes.
  • I can now see things all shiny and colorful – When he point out to the airplane in the sky with the amusement in his eyes , when he try to follow the little lambs and observe how they eat grass or when he force me with all the excitement to go into the rains and get wet like a child again and whenever he needs his mom as his best friend to share his precious childhood moments, I just try to be with him soulfully.
  • I don’t need to behave like an ideal adult every time! I don’t look stupid if I sit on the ground and observe insects for hours, build cities with Lego, can enjoy sand play with my son, I can laugh hysterically at any damn stupid thing if that makes my son happy.

Darker side of my motherhood journey

  • Motherhood has been an emotional roller-coaster for me.
    One day I feel contented and blessed while the next day I feel so disappointed and ill-fated.
    Actually, this journey has changed my Soul itself! In positive and negative both the ways.
  • My life is spiraling out of control and I’m responsible to raise a Tiny-Dynamo whose list of needs is unending which sometimes engulfs my own existence. I hope, I won’t be judged as a bad mom for missing, “just being me.”
  • Sometimes, I experience devastation, fear of the unknown, anger, the worry, the pain of loneliness and isolation (being a Stay-At-Home-Mom), guilt, discouragement, disappointment, and overwhelm. I feel lost and alone.
  • Sometimes I crave for Me-Time. I dream of spending an entire day on my own, reading, shopping, going to a salon or spa, driving a car, eating a meal and drinking hot coffee as soon as it is served on table.
  • But these negative emotions sometimes help me to gain self-awareness and self-realisation. I feel overtired, exhausted and sad at times. There is a lot going on in a mother’s mind that causes worry, struggle, sadness and emotional breakdown.
  • I have learnt to tell myself that it’s okay to feel lIke that. It is a natural reaction to all sort of motherhood emotions.
  • I prefer to be authentic and transparent sometimes. I think it will help my child to have realistic expectations on how life and relationships work practically and to know that we all can go through disappointments, failure, stress and learn how to react to such situations , heal, and regain sanity at our own pace. Also, he can learn how to make heart to heart connections and feel individually empowered. That way he can easily deal with the negativity and failure in life and move on! (Sometimes I consider this as a reality check!)

Of course, I want to raise my child in happy and positive environment. As I know one thing that my influence as a mom is powerful and I need to give my son something great to look at! As he is watching me and my actions all the time. So, I find these negative emotions sinful many times and I feel so guilty for feeling other emotions besides love, being a mom.

But behind this darker side of my motherhood journey, there is a broad spectrum of Infinite optimism !
And that has made my motherhood journey more precious!
 I have learnt that, Setting unrealistic motherhood goals can lead to stress and anxiety.

So, I just want to cherish our WE-MOMENTS which I don’t want to miss because of worry and stress!

In this motherhood journey, I have realized that,
we can not set goals, measure success, get recognition or awards.
The rewards are hidden and we just try to receive a SENSE OF SATISFACTION everyday,
as we get hugs and kisses and “I LOVE YOU” in BONUS and that makes this journey so reasonable!😊
At the end, I just know one thing that no one else in the world can love my child as I do!!😍
I will always miss my baby being so so little😘
We can’t wrap up motherhood now! Even if our kids will be 30 and totally independent one day! We’ll still be worrying if they are doing okay. 😀
But that’s the real joy of being a mom to someone.

This is how I felt about Motherhood! Do you have a story to share with me? Would love to hear from you.

The Blog Train

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  1. Richa Tiwari says:

    Such an honest and real look at how motherhood has changed your life! Enjoyed reading your post, Pranita! And the pictures you put up are so beautiful!

  2. Alpana Deo says:

    Pranita, to be frank the part that caught my attention was The Darker Side of Motherhood.:-) We all go through these feeling but surprisingly we call it part and parcel of Motherhood journey and forget about it . I really like how you wrote about it honestly.

    MothersGurukul has recently posted

  3. Shweta says:

    I loved reading about your evolution from not having a maternal side, to such a dedicated mother. The lovely photographs were such a bonus.

  4. Jamie Chaw says:

    Love how you also included the darker side of it… Most of the times, we moms tend to paint a picture perfect life but it’s really not!!! Thank you for being honest n love the white n black pics.

    Jamie chaw

  5. Aesha Shah says:

    I could relate to the negative emotions that we moms go through. After being a stay at home mom, many a times I felt dependent on my husband financially and I didn’t like it as I was raised to be an independent person. I used to get frustrated and lose patience. All day after a while I would regret it . Thankfully blogging happened and now I feel happy to share my thoughts and just release all negative energies by writing.
    It was great to know more about you and your motherhood journey, thanks to this amazing blog train . Happy to connect.

  6. Sharvi startmoms says:

    What a satisfying read this was Pranita! Your journey echoed everything that I felt as a Mom and Actually even as a girl,lol. Must read for everyone!

  7. Heartwarming honest take on motherhood. I too agree there was darker side of motherhood journey and happy that you tackled it wisely. Happy to join with you on this blog train.

  8. Live the point about reliving childhood. I feel the same. So nicely written Pranita.

  9. Indeed kids change our lives in the best possible way! It is like God made them for that purpose only!

  10. Well I can relate to the park of not maternal typed people who know me before I became a mother find it hard to believe that I am on sabattical for my baby .. I was the last one who could have done that 🙈 .. Regarding the negative side we all go through it and bounce back beauty of motherhood

  11. May says:

    Dont’ worry about being judged! That should be tossed right at the end of the list just to protected yourself from being bullied by others =) You’re doing great!

    I am also on the blog train and will be publishing my post on the 25th of October! Follow me at and!

  12. Akanksha Arora sharma says:

    Such beautiful photos and wonderful write up Pranita. It’s so amazing how we are never prepared for this journey yet it becomes our most beautiful one. Cheers to motherhood and amazing Mothers Like you.

  13. Harshala says:

    There are so many things that I can relate to Pranita in this post!
    From being a carefree girl to being a depressed mommy, everything is just so relatable!

  14. Motherhood is an instinct which overcomes every other emotion we have. I can totally relate to the changes you have gone through. I for one was a very aggressive person earlier. everything changed after my child came by

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