Home remedies and recipes to boost your child’s immunity this monsoon

Monsoon And The Child Care 

From kids to adults, there is something special for everyone during monsoon. Monsoon is all about lightning, drizzling, thunderstorms, beautiful raindrops, shiny lush greenery, impressive shades of plants, coolness and much more.
All the colors automatically look brighter in monsoon.

This picture was captured near Tamhini ghat (Pune) ©MerogAndMom

We have our own ways to celebrate this season.
Mostly children loves to enjoy splashing muddy puddles, floating paper boats in water streams and ponds, Shaking off rain water from the plants, walking and dancing in the rain with colorful umbrellas (this isn’t really awkward for the kids ;)) and much more.

While a few of us celebrate this green season with their cup of masala chai and enjoy the aroma, listening to the special music which is simply meant to be heard in monsoon or by just curling upon the sofa and reading a book with hot cup of coffee while listening to the raindrops.

This picture was captured nead Tamhini ghat (Pune) ©MerogAndMom

Rains are blessings. But sometimes, rains are a curse. Many times, few bad memories get associated with the monsoon days. Because, there are maximum chances of airborne or waterborne diseases during monsoon season. We all know the fact that, monsoon temperature is well suited for the bacteria and virus. So, they can easily get develop and spread during the monsoon.

Child Care During The Monsoon

We can keep our kids safe and healthy with few below simple steps during rainy season

  1. Close all doors and windows during evening time to restrict mosquitoes (or any other insect) entry in house
  2. Keeping your child away from stagnant and contaminated, accumulated water which becomes the best breeding ground for mosquitoes and other germs which can cause malaria, dengue and other diseases.
  3. Trim their nails frequently as rainy season is the best period to cause several stomach problems, through dirt deposited in their nails.
  4. Ask your children wear full sleeves and full trousers when heading outdoors to protect them from mosquito bites with insect repellent on cloths.
  5. Make sure rain coats or umbrella they are carrying everyday, must be dry before they use it. Ensure that you keep them and yourself dry and clean all the time.
  6. Almonds, walnuts and dates provide essential vitamins and minerals to kids to improve their immunity.
  7. Antioxidants like ginger, garlic, turmeric and herbs can be frequently added in child’s diet.
  8. Immune boosting spices such as, Turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, dry ginger-sunth, garlic, ajwain(carom seeds/thyle leaves), cloves, fenugreek seeds, etc.
  9. keep your veggies cutting board clean
  10. Avoid raw salads, raw eggs, and outside or fried food. Feed your child freshly home cooked food.
  11. Ask your child to drink plenty of water.

Simple Tips to fight with common Cold/ Cough/ Croup

My son had serious problem of croup and congestion, barking cough which used to get worse at night (further aggravated by crying and coughing).

Croup is usually caused by a virus infection which results in to swollen airway, swollen respiratory track and swollen voice box.  (This used to happen with him mostly during winter season untill last year.)

His breathing used to get noisy or labored and he used to become voiceless for few hours. This state used to horrify me like anything and doctors used to prescribe certain sets of medicines (antibiotics most of the times). I never liked to feed my boy with box full of medicInes and so finally to get rid of it, I started with some simple home remedies for his common cold/cough and croup issues.

I believe in home remedies for minor health issues as long as the problem is not life threatning. So, there are few below tips that have always helped my child to get relief during cold/cough and also during his croup attack (untill last year).

  1. Switch off the fan/AC let your child breath natural breeze.
  2. Keep air/humidifier or steamer ON near your bed (lil away from child) to open the congestion on regular basis throughout night.
  3. Close the bathroom door and keep the shower on, take your child inside bathroom just sit on a chair with your child and run a hot/steamy shower (not for bath but to take steam if he/she faces major congestion).
  4. Create a slope by adding pillows under your child’s head and chest(Upper body)(for congestion free breathing)
  5. Add garlic juice (1 teaspoon) and ajwain powder in warm mustard oil and strain it if you want. Apply lukewarm oil to baby’s feet, chest and back while massage or when baby is sleeping to get relief from congestion.

To improve my child’s immune system, I always try to include few things in his diet like, lots of vegetables and fruits, Ajwain (good for ashthama/bronchitis/cough/resolves digestion issues/enhances appetite), Ginger, Mint leaves, Garlic (Antibacterial), Turmeric, Kesar (Saffron), Cinnamon, Cardamom,Black pepper, Tulsi (Basil) leaves.

Home Remedies and Recipes

  1. 1 Teaspoon of Turmeric Powder of (fresh turmeric juice) + Kesar(2-3 strands) + (crushed) Black Pepper powder + Honey. Add it in the milk, boil it, strain it and consume it hot.
  2. Ginger paste(1 teaspoon) + Garlic paste (1 teaspoon)+ Tulsi paste (1 teaspoon) +  Ajwain powder (1 teaspoon). Boil everything in 1 cup of water and strain it. Add honey and drink it twice a day (1 spoon for babies and 1/4th cup for toddlers/preschoolers/school going kids). This is the best immunity booster for kids, especially during rainy and winter season. We call it as  “Kadha”.
  3. Boil neem leaves in water and give 1 spoon of it’s brew to kids with honey in it (never tried for my son yet ;)).
  4. Ginger(1 teaspoon paste) + Tulsi/Basil Leaves (1 teaspoon paste) + Cinnamon(less than 1/4th teaspoon powder) + honey as per taste. Just brew some tea (“Kadha”). Consume 2 times a day.
  5. Hot veggie soups (1. Spinach, 2. Carrot+Beetroot, 3. Beetroot, 4. Broccoli, 5. Mixed Veggies etc.). Boil veggies in a closed pan or cooker (with Ginger-Garlic-Onion in it ). Blend everything in a hand blender or in a mixer till smooth. It surely improves immunity and clears nasal/chest congestion.

Rainy season has lots of advantages and disadvantages.
On one hand it gives relief to everyone however on the other hand it brings lots of fear to us of various bacterial and viral diseases.

Forget about the flooded roads , the traffic, and forget about forgetting
your beautiful umbrella at home (which you had specially bought to flaunt it during the rains ;))! Cherish the monsoon moments and admire nature’s beauty, for this monsoon won’t last more than 3 months.

So, take some simple precautions. Keep some home remedies handy to protect your child’s health and don’t let the viruses and bacterias ruin the blissful fun that monsoon is offering us.

Enjoy the rains!! 😀

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  1. Alpana Deo says:

    Wow…. The introduction is so refreshing so are the pictures. Followed by an informative post. Very well written.

  2. this is a well written and informative post and all the tips mentioned will definitely save the monsoon fun by keeping the dreaded monsoon illness away..the pics are just so good couldn’t take my eyes of the ones taken in pune

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    Love the way you have weaved a personal angle to the blog post.. who doesn’t love Channa and bhutta during monsoons? 🙂


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    This post is very useful for moms who are looking for some tips and remedies to fight with seasonal changes during mansoon. Thanks for sharing

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    I always go back to home remedies for cough and cold also onion works amazing for cold

  6. The biggest problem we are facing this monsoon is mosquito bites and constant cough bouts. This post is really helpful & full of relevant information. This surely is helpful.

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    These really are great tips to protect the children from diseases and boost their immunity

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