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Children everywhere are like the seeds of the future of our world.

-The Dalai Lama

Parenting is like gardening! We can sow the seeds. We can water them, nourish them and set them in the sunshine. We try to protect them from the elements as best as we can. One day they grow up into the big independent trees. They bud. They bloom. They show up their true colors. But they have their very own set of characteristics. They add their own beauty to the landscape. They provide beauty, shade, oxygen, clean air, water, fruit, nuts etc. ((Which can not be claimed by you alone!;) ).  

Likewise, our job is to nourish and protect kids, but most important, it is to appreciate the beauty in our kids. A child’s needs can be correlated with the tree needs, Earth(Strong Support System), Water(Enriching Nourishment), Sun(Healthy Surrounding/Exposure), Air(Freedom to live). The stronger his connection to these sources, the stronger he will grow to be. But, all take a great deal of patience. The important thing is that, we need to set them free to live their own life when they are ready to thrive and flourish.

People have been raising kids since ages. There are a several different ways of parenting and a several ways to be a good parent. There is no approved theory of parenting. But there are just few parenting mantras that have worked for me which are –

1. Positive Parenting 

I think, having breakdowns in my child’s life is absolutely normal part of his growth! But setting clear limits when required, sends message to him and the society both (who is judging me when my child throws himself on the floor) that I am calm, controlled and matured enough to take right decisions and actions for him (being his first teacher at this early stage of his life).

I just try to ignore those onlookers who are trying to judge me! Ignoring them is such a good strategy!!😇    Staying calm, poised and composed helps a lot. Cause, if I loose it too, it will likely make the situation more stressful or challenging! (No doubt, I fail to do this many times 😉 But I try to control.)
Validating my child’s feeling and not behavior, makes him learn how to deal with strong, powerful and difficult emotions. Redirecting him by soft positive communication helps too. I know, my child can learn better from consequences and through subtle messages!

2. Emotion Coach


Unlike adults, kids can not express their feelings and emotions.

It is very much required for me that, my child should learn to STAY CALM, express his POSITIVE and NEGATIVE feelings, and enjoy the experiences in a confident and successful way which can develop POSITIVE SENSE OF SELF in him! I try to let my child know, all the emotions that he feel are absolutely ok, But not all behaviors are ok! Offering kisses and hugs helps a lot when he needs to get calm down.

Simple communication helps a lot in day to day life, like  –


Labeling my child’s feelings (when he does not have the words to express how he is feeling), helps him next time to explain his state of mind.

3. Early Fun Learning And Play

What is Expected from the Young Kids in early age? – REAL PLAY is a BIOLOGICAL NECESSITY,
which is “as vital for healthy development as food or sleep“.

I completely believe in the fact that, “Playing OUTSIDE makes children SMARTER, HEALTHIER and HAPPIER”.  

Also, I am totally convinced by the idea of early learning for kids (after doing a lot of research on this subject). No! early learning is not about teaching only alphabets or numbers at early age! It is everything about the EXPERIENCES OF EARLY LIFE. Early childhood education begins at home. So, we have adopted montessori lifestyle at home, where my child can explore his own world through the practical learning.

Holistic development sees the child as a whole person –
physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, morally, culturally and spiritually.
caring, nurturing, playing, touching, talking, eating, walking, reading, cuddling, singing help jump-start his/her Brain.

4. Boredom Is Good. Stay Out Of It.

I let my child get bored many times. As, boredom is the beginning of a whole, new, eye-opening world for him and the best way to learn about the world and to learn about himself.

Here are a few “Dis-boredom Strategies” I’ve found useful which are – Asking him some open ended questions such as – “What about playing outside in the garden?”, “What about playing with a toy you haven’t played with, since a long?”, How would you like to help mama today?”, etc.

I know when he is bored, I need to stay out of it.
It’s essential for him to learn how play alone and banish boredom(without touching gadgets). After all, our ultimate goal is to empower our children with their own skill set and they need to create their own solutions for boredom.
It’s better to have patience and wait sometimes. So, I don’t feel like jumping in all the time.


       5. Value Of Humor In Life

I like to be humorous! I am not a serious parent. I try to laugh spontaneously at silliness around me.

Also, Laughter makes kids’ life merrier and optimistic. So, why serious? ;). Happy kids are socially and emotionally strong! So, I try to encourage my child’s attempt to laugh at something silly and funny.

We try to keep our environment funny and joyful at home. We make exaggerated facial expressions while singing songs or telling stories, we throw dance parties for two of us (or for our family), form weird funny sentences, make unusual sounds and funny faces, plan some small pranks (not scary though),etc.

But I make sure to teach him the most valuable lesson of laughter that is,

6. Techno-Tots

We thoughtfully try to divide our child’s time into important activities like sleep, screen-time, outdoor play, indoor games, family times, etc. We make sure screen time does not come under my son’s free play time. I have realized one thing that, electronic media can be very effective in keeping kids calm and quiet, but I want my child to learn other ways to calm down and pacify himself.

Definitely, I need to be a A GOOD ROLE MODEL for that. So, I try to use my gadgets when my son goes to school or mostly during his sleep-time. (Even if I touch my phone for some work in front of him, I try to tell him that it is for some important office work and not for entertainment purpose). I never feel pressured to introduce technology to him at such an early age. Digital media/gadgets are instinctive and kids can learn them quickly and anytime. I am sure, he will learn to handle them when it will be required.

We have fixed screen-time for our child but we make sure to use it as other expressive and entertaining media such as,CRAYONS, PAINTS, ART MATERIALS, BLOCKS, COLOR DOUGH, MINIATURE FIGURES etc. and creative mediums like SINGING, DANCING, DRAMA, etc.

7. Spirituality and Morality 

I know my child is too young to know about these things but I just want my son to build his conscience which is going to be the foundation of his life. So, when should I let my child know about this all? – The Sooner The Better! 

Childhood is the ideal time period of life in which to take an interest in spirituality. The impressions received at a young age become deeply ingrained. I always tell my son that, God cares for him and I will always try to tell him that,

The simplest way to worship god is to love God and he doesn’t need to love god out of fear! As God is the best companion who will never leave him alone throughout his journey of life.

I always ask my son to repeat the Almighty’s name with love before he goes to sleep and when he grows up I want my son to remember god every moment in his life. At the same time, he will be given all the liberty to explore whom to follow, why to follow, to follow some god or not to follow or to become an atheist in his life.

Also, I want my son to do all his duties faithfully and conscientiously by putting it above everything else. Neither praise nor blame should distract him from the path of his duties. I want him to know that, his conscience is the best judge. He can only do his best and leave rest to god. If any mistakes happen, that is perfectly alright! If someone scolds him harshly about any mistakes, he can learn through them and he does not need to take it to heart.

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  1. Soumaiya says:

    This is a very interesting read!

  2. Afsha Galar says:

    That’s an amazing take on parenting !! Definitely learning a lot form this post

    1. Pranita says:

      Thabk you so much Afsha!

  3. Ira sharma says:

    Loved it so much…. having positive attitude would help both child and parent…

  4. Preetjyot Kaur says:

    Thanks for sharing your amazing parenting mantra … I’m loving this blog train…So much to learn from each other…

  5. This was a beautiful read Pranita. Merog is lucky to have a balanced and thoughtful mom like you. Also, I loved all the pictures of him doing his activities here. It shows how valuable it has been to shape him as a person.

    1. Pranita says:

      Aww! Thank you so much Nayan for your kind words.

  6. Jiya B says:

    I loved reading the post. Yes we moms need to be balanced in parenting, family time, dicipline etc. This post gives a thought fullness to a mom.

    1. Pranita says:

      Thanks Jiya❤ even I love reading your posts!

  7. Shub says:

    The more and more I am reading posts in this blog train I am really getting to know more awesome moms. You are one of them for sure – thoughtful, well-balanced.

  8. loved your parenting mantra and it definetly reflects every point you have mentioned you truly stick to it…and People misunderstand the concept of montessori or early learning as trying to teach them early..but infact its a way to make them play while they learn gradually if it interest them…

  9. misha jain says:

    seriouslu.. boredom is so prevellant in kids.. though having twins, makes it lil better for us as they entertain each other enough

  10. Hi Pranita, I go by principles only. The early you show them postivity around there are more chances of them to learn good things in life.

  11. Totally agree. Parenting is indeed like gardening. Kids need to be nurtured with utmost care and love.

  12. Ekta says:

    Hey I absolutely love your introduction.. 🙂 that’s a lot of effort into articulating the blog.. lovely pics …

  13. Kavita Singh says:

    Lovely post. My toddler is going through a tantrum phase and I too try to keep my cool and calm ignoring the onlookers ☺

  14. Ratna says:

    Wow Pranita 👍
    Serious parenting is to stay calm and cool. Loved every word of guidance (I wud call it!) from u. Keep writing, keep inspiring 👏

  15. Anchal says:

    That was a lovely read. How beautifully you have penned down your mantra. And Merog looks cute even when he is throwing tantrums 🙂

  16. I really loved boredom is good point.It is important to make them realize that we cant be preoccupied every single time

  17. What a great Post, Pranita <3 I love that you have written about all the difficlt aspects of parenting. Esp. boredome, being an emotional coach!!

  18. manveen says:

    Parenting is so much more than what you think it to be. The more you read about it, the more there is to learn.
    Your perspective is so fresh

  19. Vaidehi says:

    Merog looks cute washing his shoes.Lovely post and I love how beautiful you have explained everything.

  20. Vidhi says:

    This is something important that you shared. It is extremely necessary for a parent to be balanced so that the child learns to be balanced too. Good points.

  21. I really like the way you described parenting in your post with beautiful words. I learnt a lot through your ideas and tips. They are really useful. Thanks for sharing your mantra

  22. Positive parenting is the mantra I live by. You have pointed it out rightly. These days parents are so busy that – all they want to do is kep their child engaged – what they choose to keep them engaged is what matters and shapes the childs future

  23. Alpana Deo says:

    Loved the way you correlated parenting and gardening. Nice way of looking at it.

  24. Richa says:

    I love seeing your blog so colourful and informative. Amazing work Pranita you totally rock as a mom.


  25. Aesha Shah says:

    Indeed children are like seeds. There is so much to learn from each mom. I loved your parenting perspective. This blog train has been a great experience to share parenting tips.

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