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Toddler Carrier Review

During my early motherhood days, I tried to wear my teeny-weeny a few times! But he never slouched in our arms whenever we wore him during his babyhood! As a MOTHER, I was sure about not stressing out my baby’s tiny body and at the same time, I didn’t want to torture him emotionally by not providing comfort by any means!

Few carriers (Narrow Based Carriers as they are called), sometimes work to the comfort of the wearer but not to the comfort of babies! OR many times, they are not considered ideal in terms of comfort or support for either the baby or the wearer. My baby never looked comfortable in his old carrier (I could never carry my boy in ergonomic-M shape position while wearing him up). Also,a  few occurrences left negative impressions on my mind about wearing my little baby and after that, I was totally reluctant to wear him!

May be this all happened because of  my  less “study” on baby wearing during the pregnancy (When my Mommy-Research-Brain was at it’s peak). Me and my husband always used car-seat as a carrier until our baby was some 8-9 months old. But soon,  we got tremendously tired of carrying him everywhere in his car-seat! Also, he never liked to sit in his stroller and surprisingly, he always rescued himself from it. Cleaning the house, cooking food or accomplishing any sort of household chores became impossible for me and I couldn’t imaging carrying my cranky baby in my arms anymore!! But, I somehow struggled through this phase until I was introduced to the perfect way of baby-wearing again!!

How my baby wearing journey has evolved! 

I always considered that, Only newborns NEED to be held and I was totally reluctant to wear my baby/toddler till now! But, can not deny the fact that, I was always amazed by baby wearing moms who carry their babies everywhere so comfortably and conveniently.
Team @SoulSlings was kind enough to send me this ROOT AND WINGS SOUL FULL BUCKLE TODDLER carrier for review.

(A toddler carrier as my baby is little older now☺)

I received my Soul parcel with zest and zeal! It was delicately rolled up and snugged in a beautiful beige cotton-bag with Soul logo on it. I gently untwined it and at very first glance, I was sold to it’s its beautiful, vivid,  yellow lotus-root and flying fish design.

Soul Full buckle toddler carrier (SSC) is utterly effortless to use, especially for a person like me who is somewhat “novice” in baby-wearing .

It is like using a backpack for me! Two Buckles, Two Straps to pull! Trouble-free and facile to get
on and off !

Key Features that company claims 

This luxury limited edition carrier is the outcome of an artistic collaboration between Soul & Olie (a family-run studio based in Bangalore, India that makes hand-crafted décor accessories).

“ROOT AND WINGS” – The whimsical panel fabric is from Olie’s Roots and Wings collection that depicts : the flying fish that set out on its journey to find NIrvana or true happiness, only to find it at the root of the tree called life

  • Toddler Weight-Limit to use this carrier is 11-25 kgs approx
  • Made from 100% woven cotton
  • A variety of designs and colors available – This one is the “Root And Wings”
  • Suitable for both front and back carries
  • Provides an ergonomic ‘m’ position seat
  • Softly padded shoulder straps and waist band, as well as thigh padding for the baby’s comfort
  • Three-way adjustable shoulder straps for a perfect snugly fit with light padding for comfort and optimum weight distribution, including Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFA – cinch shoulder straps shorter)
  • Wide, adjustable hood to protect baby’s head from sun or wind/ also to support baby’s head while sleeping or breastfeeding
  • It can be folded down to fit in a mom-sized/regular handbag
  • Passed ASTM F2236 safety testing
  • Hand as well as Machine washable using a gentle detergent
  • It has a waist buckle safety loop : for extra safety (check out the picture below)

Sizing and fit

  • Seat width – 18 inches and  Body panel height – 18.5 inches, which is quite a good size for toddlers
  • There is plenty of scope to  tighten or loosen the 3-way shoulder straps with Perfect Fit Adjusters,  depending on your body shape.
  • To keep everything neat,convenient little elastic loops are sewn into the ends of every strap to roll up excessive length and eliminating dangling ends of straps
  • It gives absolutely custom comfort fit for wearer

Our Experience with Soul Carrier

  • My  son Merog is a small-boned toddler, who is 12kgs and roughly about 95cm long, just fits comfortably in the carrier with fair amount of space for his future growth.
  • I had no idea what pattern or design was turning up. The full buckle SSC is a gorgeous yellow and milk white 100% woven cotton carrier.
  • He gets a deeper and more ergonomic seat, that fits perfectly to her body shape.
  • It is naturally soft and flexible, molds around my 33 months old perfectly!
  • I used to feel that SOUL baby carriers are overrated!!Now I understand why! The comfort and lightness is truly worth using it! (Along with that prints are really chic and can be used as a fashion statement!)
  • Merog is happy being worn in a Soul, and I feel comfortable wearing them as the weight is evenly distributed and the carrier is comfortable and supportive!

First time when I tried my Soul carrier , it looked much huge for me. This carrier has loads of room, and a lot of adjusting options! Merog is not a chubby baby. So for me, everything had to be pulled as tight as it would go. When the first time I wore it with Merog from the front, I was not little comfortable as I was not aware of all the adjusting straps like shoulder strap + PFA! But then I learnt the process  in one or two attempts, But now I can easily get our snug fit using all the straps provided with the carrier!

I prefer to wear my little boy in the standard inward facing carry, while my husband likes to wear Merog on his back. For my baby and me, getting the proper fit is very important.

Now that Merog is almost 33months old, people started questioning me about toddler wearing! Like, why do I wear Merog when he can walk? But the answer is really simple! My just a “Little Boy” gets tired or overstimulated too! He needs to be held and see from adult height what am I doing exactly or needs to be held when cranky or in mood to throw tantrums :D! Sometimes, He can just snuggle into my chest or back, sleep, relax and get some comfort when he needs it while I am little busy.

We travel. We hike. We go to many places those are out of the way. We love to take him off-road, beyond the pavement where he should be able to see everything and enjoy the journey of life equally as we do!


  • Soul Full Buckle Toddler carriers (SSC) are –lightweight, breathable and very comfortable
  • Made completely out of 100% woven cotton fabrics, they are ideal for all climates in India due to it’s natural fibre.
  • The soft waistband is absolutely secure.
  • I tried to investigate the body panel, which  is made from a double (tripple?) layer of cotton that makes it very strong and supportive.
  • The padding itself is just over half an inch thick and that is the way that it molds to fit that makes it particularly comfortable
  • I  feel no strain on my back or front (while back and front carry) as the weight is evenly distributed! I can feel the safety while wearing my baby!


  • Does not have detachable hood, and pocket to the carrier
  • The fabric might have some cosmetic flaws, like skipped threads, knots, snubs and nubs, slight thread shifting or large floats, none of which affect functionality or safety.


Rs.7,750.00 INR


‘Soul’ – comfortable, fashionable, and affordable ring slings you will be proud to flaunt as your best parenting accessory!

-As they say! 🙂

According to me, it is 100% recommended to all the new moms and toddler moms to buy SOUL Slings to make their motherhood journey much easier, trouble-freeundisturbed, safe and secured! 

P.S.  :

The Soul Full Buckle was very kindly sent to me for review, although as always, the views expressed here are mine.

                                                                                                 Read This Before Wearing Your Baby

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  1. Im a big fan of soul carriers too. Love the olie range. And thanks for the explanation about the fish and tree of life. I didn’t know that.

  2. Jiya B says:

    The Brand looks promising. I never used soul Carrier no will surely gonna try it soon. Thanks for sharing

  3. Vaidehi says:

    Thanks for sharing this review.My toddler has become so demanding at this stage so it is always a good idea to carry him😁

  4. Prisha Lalwani says:

    thanks a lot for the detailed review!! Your husband looks very comfortable carrying your angel… looks great!

  5. Life seems to be pretty good for you guys!!! My lil one didnt sit in carriers for even two minutes and I guess I gave up on these very easily. But blessed that he hardly demands for being carried though 😉

  6. Kavita Singh says:

    I love this toddler carrier…I am looking for one for my little one too….and that print is so cute… 😊Thank you for sharing this 👍

  7. Aesha Shah says:

    I didn’t try any carriers when my daughter was a baby. After reading the reviews I wish I had. But I doubt if there were so many 8 years back . Your review will definitely make new mum’s make the right choice.

  8. Vidhi says:

    Baby wearing sling will certainly make a new mom’s life comfortable. Miss having something like this during my time.

  9. Your review is very honest. I have heard a lot of good things about Soul. I have never used Soul but looks like i need to check their career moreso when i have a trip planned nearby.

  10. This carrier looks very comfortable and cosy for kids. We are a babywearing family too and nothing beats the comfort of a baby-wrap.

  11. This is a very useful innovation both for parents and kids. But one has to careful that the child dies not get the habit of always being carried and not walking in his own. 😉

  12. Anchal says:

    That is a nice detailed review mama. We have two carriers from Soul and we love them. I love the fabric and the light weight. Happy toddlewearing 🙂

  13. karuna chauhan says:

    Beautiful Carrier. We love our SSC too. it has made traveling so simple and convenient. Daily long outings are also easy

  14. Detailed and very informative review. Hope it would be more helpful for new young moms. Thanks for sharing.

  15. This is such a beautiful carrier and looks so comfortable..

  16. Afsha Galar says:

    I use the full Buckle from Soul slings too !! Btw I love this print

  17. manveen says:

    This looks so nice. If only I could shrink the kids to this size again!

  18. Baby wearing bug finally bit you! That looks a great buy

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